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Earlier, before the development of any online service portal, the salaries of government employees were given from treasuries. The concept of a Treasury dates back to the advent of British rule. They are so coming back to the salary distribution system of the government employees, these funds transferred through an offline manual system.

Ekosh Payslip

The system was not transparent and time taking. Since the funds allocated to a massive group of people, the chances of some fraud were usually high. After the advent of computer functions like allocating funds, calculation of funds done online. But there were still some issues in the generation of payslip, like transportation of payslip. Hence the government has now launched a new online portal, EKosh Payslip to help the employees of the state to easily calculate, allocate and disburse funds through an online method. Let’s know more about EKosh.

Ekosh Pay Slip

IFMS EKosh Pay Slip

E-Kosh initially introduced to curb the problems of offline transactions. Offline transactions were slow and time taking. They required an army of people to calculate and transfer funds. And as a solution to all these problems, EKosh was developed.

ekosh UK gov in payslip provides an online service to calculate and disbursing the funds to the government employees. Employees can now have a check on how their funds transferred. The portal offers information about the employees to check on the dashboard. Once the employees have access to their id password, they can view their registered information. Using the portal, the state employees can also download their ekosh online report payslips.

Benefits of EKosh pay slip Uttarakhand

E-Kosh is an online portal designed for the state Government employees of Uttarakhand. It comes with these benefits:

  • Transparent: The portal is online and open. Every transaction done is captured by the software. It means that the probability of fraud is low.
  • Secure: The information on the portal accessed only by the employee or any person authorized by him.
  • Easy: Accessing your payslips and your information has now become more comfortable. It is because the service is online. It means that you can access your ekosh pay slip payslips whenever you want. You can also access the payslips of previous months and keep a check.
  • Maintaining ekosh payslip is easy since they are online.

Ekosh Payslip

How To Login Ekosh Online Portal

If you are currently an employee or a retired pensioner and want your monthly payslip, you can obtain one by using the portal. Please note that to access the portal, you must have Ekosh User id or Aadhar Card number and ekosh UK payslip login password.

  • Visit the official portal, ekosh.uk.gov.in. cts UK.
  • Once the homepage opens, click on ifms UK login button.

Ekosh Payslip Login

  • Now, enter your RMN/Employee code /Aadhar number in the field of user id and then enter your login password in the text field.
  • Enter the text written on the image or the CAPTCHA code.
  • Submit all these details.
  • Now, you can view your monthly salary payslip on the computer screen.
  • You cand download the payslip and save a copy of it on your device. You also take a print out of it if you want.

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How To Recover Ekosh Forgotten Password

There are many instances when we forget something in our day to day life. And ignoring the password is no rare issue. However, you can reset your login password by following these steps:

  • Visit the ekosh online employee official portal
  • Click on the Login CTS option.
  • Now when a new web page opens up for logging in, you have to search for the Forgot Password option. You can find this in the login box.

Recover Ekosh Pay slip Password

  • Click on the ifms UK payslip Forgot/ Unlock Login Password link.
  • Now a new screen appears. Here, enter the employee code. Then enter your mobile number. Make sure you have access to this mobile number as you will get an OTP for verification
  • Hit the Get OTP Button.
  • Check your mobile phone for the OTP. It sent by SMS.
  • Enter the OTP on the screen and set a new password.

FAQs On Ekosh UK Payslip

Q1. How do I generate my monthly payslip?

A1. To generate your monthly payslip using the E-Kosh portal, visit the portal and follow the steps mentioned above.

Q2. Who can access the E-Kosh portal?

A2. The Government employees of Uttarakahnad can access the portal.


E-Kosh is an online service launched by the Government of Uttarakhand. This portal keeps a check on the salaries and disbursement of funds in the state Government employees’ bank accounts. For every transaction, the software records its details. It makes sure that everything is transparent. State employees or pensioners can also obtain their monthly payslips by using the portal. For more information, check Timesalert.

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