Canara Bank Missed Call For Balance Check, Mini Statement

The Indian banking system is a huge sector with 12 public sector banks, 22 private sector banks, 56 regional rural banks, 1495 urban cooperative banks, 96000 rural cooperative banks, and 46 foreign banks.

Canara Bank Missed Call

Canara Bank is one of India’s largest government-owned banks regulated by the ministry of finance. The headquarters of Canara bank is located in Bengaluru. It was established in 1906 and was nationalized by the government in 1969.

Canara bank offers you various services just through a missed call. For availing of the services provided by Canara bank, you should ensure that your mobile number is successfully registered or linked to your account in Canara bank.

Canara bank toll- free number for balance enquiry and other banking services; – 18004250018

Features of Canara Bank Missed Call Service

  • They are available for full time
  • Free of cost
  • Since it doesn’t require an internet connection, anyone from anywhere can enquire through missed call service.
  • Through a missed call, you can avail of Canara bank services like – Balance enquiry, a Mini statement which contains information about your last 5 transaction details, loan information, etc.

How to link your mobile number with your Canara bank account?

Linking your mobile number with your bank account is the most important thing you should do first. You enjoy various services if your mobile number already registered. For the registration of your mobile number, follow the given steps;

  • If you already having your Canara bank account, visit your home branch
  • They provide you with a form for filling in your bank account details by which you also be able to enter your mobile number for registering it with your account.
  • After successful verification of your mobile number, you will be able to receive a text message which confirms your mobile number registration.
  • Now you can avail of every Canara bank service through a missed call.

How to check your Canara bank account balance through a missed call?

You can just do a missed call and know your Canara bank account balance. To know your account balance, you must dial the number given below through your registered mobile number.

  • 0-9015483483 – Canara bank balance check toll-free mobile number in English
  • 0-9015613613- Canara bank balance check toll-free mobile number in Hindi
  • After some time, you able to receive a message from the bank
  • Now you can check the balance through the message received.

Canara Bank

How to get Canara Bank mini statement through a missed call?

You can also get your mini bank account statement through a missed call if you have linked your mobile number with the bank. For getting the mini statement, follow the given steps;

  • Dial the below-given numbers to fetch your mini statement.
  • 09015734734 for English or 09015613613 for Hindi.
  • Call these numbers through your registered mobile number
  • After some time, you then see a message that was received from the bank.
  • Go through the message where you get the details about your last five transactions.
  • Apart from the missed call, you can also check your Canara bank account balance through SMS, mobile application (mobile banking), and internet banking.

How to check Canara bank account balance through Canara bank internet banking?

For checking your account balance through Canara bank internet banking, follow the given steps;

  • First, go to Canara bank internet banking portal through the site
  • Click on the net banking option
  • Enter your Canara bank login user id or password
  • If you have not registered for e-banking you can either do that
  • Now on the new page, you see your bank account
  • Click on the bank account details option
  • The new tab opened to show your bank balance and mini statement options

How to check Canara bank account balance through a mobile app (mobile banking)?

You can download Canara bank mobile banking app from the play store. ‘Candi mobile banking’ is the Canara bank mobile application. Click on install and then after successful installation of the app, you able to avail yourself of Canara bank e-services. For more other details and updates check Timesalert.

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