How To Unlock And Play Hidden Chess Game On Facebook Messenger

Hidden Chess Game On Facebook Messenger

We all are familiar candy crush, farms saga and other social media that can be played on Facebook. But do you know there is a hidden chess game inside Facebook Messenger. Yes, you heard it right, there is a secret hidden game inside Facebook Messenger App. Facebook messenger application is not only for sending messages, videos and chatting we can also play a game inside it. To play the game first, you have to unlock it. You cannot find in the settings in the app there is a simple trick to open and play the Hidden Chess Game on Facebook Messenger.


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Facebook is the most widely used application across the globe. It has become part of everyone’s life. It has become a gateway to communicate with everyone in the world. Facebook has several hidden settings which are known to only a few. The chess game is one among them. To play the hidden chess game on Facebook messenger app, you don’t need to download a thirty party app and no need to enter like or add any pages. There is a simple step which allows the users to unlock and play the game. You can play the game with any of the friends from the list. We have shared here the guidelines to unlock and play the hidden chess game on Facebook Messenger app.

How To Play Hidden Chess Game On Facebook Messenger

1) To unlock and play the game type @fbchess play in the conversation box of Messenger app.


2) The user who has opened the game will be assigned white side.

3) To select the chess pieces you have to enter specific keys which are given below

  • B for Bishop.
  • R for Rook.
  • Q for Queen.
  • K for King.
  • N for Knight.
  • P for Pawn.

4) To move the chess pieces, you have to enter @fbchess with the chess piece letter, for example to movie Pawn to the space labeled F3 on the board, you need to type “@fbchess Pf3.”

4) You can also get help from the game by entering @fbchess help in conversation box.

5) If you want to undo a step or movie, just type @fbchess undo command in the box.

6) If you want to view the chess board in larger size, go to menu setting and select full conversation.

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