KMSPico Activator Download for Windows 8,10,11

What is KMSPico

KMSPico activator is an application downloaded on PCs that claims to be a Microsoft Windows and office activator. It is not licensed. It also helps you to get Microsoft Windows and Office free of cost. It’s a well-known application. While downloading the KMSPico activator, we not only get Windows and Office but also we may face harmful viruses for PC.

What KMSPico Does

These viruses are harmful to our devices that cause damage to our computers, laptop, etc. For activating Windows, Office, or any other products on PCs, KMSPico might be helpful, and the virus may also enter your device environment. All best antiviruses can not detect the virus. 

KMSPico Activator

KMSPico activator acts as a hacking tool. We can download the file in ZIP or executable format, and then by clicking installing, we can install it. It’s just a few minutes of matter. It was made to modify the KMSpico activator with Trajons and the new virus. 



TRAJONS:- The entered virus gets a link to the hacker’s server, where he can control the PC’s personal information. The hacker can steal and operate the PC’s software by installing another new software. 

STEALING-DATA:-Mostly the virus established by installing the KMSPico activator has information on harvesting capability. It causes the collection of all the data making theft of data. 

Features of KMSPico Activator 

❖ Its activator is free of cost, i.e., we can use it long without paying a cent, and it is also free to download. 

❖ We can crack the activator easily. We could easily crack it in windows 7, 8, 9, and in Office 2013, 2016, and 2019. 

❖ It works without the internet. 

❖ It supports all versions of Office and Microsoft Windows. 

KMSPico Supported Products

Few of the Windows and Office products supported by the KMSPico activator are as follows: 

  • Windows 7
  • windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11
  • Windows Vista
  • Office 365
  • Office 2007
  • Office 2010
  • Office 2013
  • Ms office 2016

and many more… 

KMSPico Activator

Installing KMSPico Activator in Windows and Office Products

The installation process is the same in all Microsoft Windows and Office. The foremost thing we should have is a ReadMe.txt file to install for free. Follow the below steps to download the KMSPico activator in your windows 

1. Download the Zip file of the activator 

2. Archive the downloaded with the help of WinRAR. 

3. After finding the setup “KMSPico-setup.exe,” install it. 

4. Then go to the start menu and launch AutoPico. 

5. Run the application. 

6. You will get a red button on the new window click on it and crack Windows and office. 

Here you will hear a “Full Program” sound that tells you that the 

activator had cracked into Windows and Office on your PC. Now restart your PC, and you can now use Windows and Office for free. You might face a few difficulties while downloading the KMSPico activator on your device. 

REASON: Due to the presence of Window Defender. 

You might get a notification while installing the activator: “KMSPico can not complete the operation because it contains a virus.” So this becomes why the activator can’t get into the system as this pop-up can cause the KMSPico activator to stop its download automatically, the cause which may affect Windows or Office Operations.

The free antivirus programs will remove those as it’s their work to eliminate any virus. Whether the antivirus is free or paid, they may not allow the activator to be downloaded. Even if you want to install it, you must temporarily stop the antivirus until the installation or download is complete. 

If we know how to install the KMSPico activator, we should also know how to uninstall it because the longer it is in your device, the virus can get all your information.

How to remove the KMSPico activator from Computer/laptop/pc: 

As long as it stays, it affects the computer software, programs, and performance and makes it risky too. So here are the steps to uninstall the KMSPico activator manually. 

1. Go to the Windows control panel and search for KMSPico, select uninstall and remove it. 

2. Check for any virus using the antivirus detector already on your device, or you can use any online antivirus to check if there is any presence of the virus. 3. And lastly, we should also eliminate malware. We can use AdwCleaner or Malware bytes. Both are free for windows. Download any of them and scan for malicious files; if you find any, delete them. 

Finally, installing the KMSPico activator has benefits along with a few disadvantages. KMSPico helps us to get many new Windows and Offices on our device without any investment. And it is not licensed. So be careful while using it and after using it to check for any virus or malicious file as it may disturb your device environment. Use other licensed applications rather than KMSPico. 


Is KMSPico a virus? 

The latest version of the application can not be downloaded on devices as the newly updated devices detect it as a threat and do not allow it into the device. So before installing the KMSPico activator, remember to deactivate the antivirus temporarily. Once the download is complete, you can reactivate it again. 

How to know if the KMSPico has cracked Windows or Office? 

Follow the below steps to check whether it has cracked or not: 

1. Click right on the computer. 

2. Select the Property option. 

3. You can see the status.

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