Peacock Channels List 2024

Peacock Channels List : A new program named Peacock, which offers limited access, was launched at the start of 2020 and is managed by NBC Universal. It is now reasonably fresh compared to other media streaming services. Still, because of its affordable costs and wide selection of movies, TV series, and sports material, including What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Season 20, it is quickly becoming an everyday favorite amongst people.

It lacks television broadcasts or local channels, unlike other streaming platforms. Instead, it offers nonstop repetitions of its library’s TV shows and films. Subscribers of Peacock TV can choose between free and premium plans. The subscription packages provide more material and ad-free broadcasting, while the free version only offers access to a small selection of offerings with advertisements.

Peacock Channels List

A variety of TV series, films, and other media, notably some exclusive programming, are included in the free plan. However, access to certain programs and flicks requires a membership. The subscription services include:

  • An ad-free streaming schedule.
  • A Premium package with accessibility to more significant content.
  • An ad-supported option with all programming but with advertisements.

Peacock TV Entertainment Channels List

You must at least watch Peacock TV once because it is a potent free media option. The most recommended places to begin watching content on Peacock TV are with the most popular programs if you wish to stream perpetually. 

  • AFV Family
  • Black Cinema
  • Black Led Comedy
  • The Bob Ross Channel
  • Can’t Laugh
  • Circle (music)
  • Classic Crime TV
  • Classic TV
  • Fallon Tonight
  • Great Finds
  • Hot Blockbuster Movies
  • LOL! Network
  • Loop (music)
  • Out of this World
  • Peacock Originals
  • Peacock Picks: Comedy Movies
  • Peacock Picks: Family Movies
  • Psych
  • Rotten Tomatoes
  • SNL Vault
  • This Old House
  • USA Classic Characters
  • Witching Hour

Peacock TV Reality TV Channels List

Peacock offers thousands of hours of unique content and free streaming of films, sports, and other shows. Nevertheless, only premium users can access a sizable amount of the most popular content. Fresh material is available on Peacock TV, which is an intriguing choice. You can watch the most mind-blowing hit programs on Peacock TV. Due to its affordable price and extensive content library, it is quickly becoming a family favorite. Only in India is it possible to watch a peacock. So, if you’re in India, employing a VPN is advised. The IP-masking features of ExpressVPN now make it feasible to stream and browse the internet anonymously. 

  • Bad Girls Club
  • Hell’s Kitchen
  • In It to Win It
  • Million Dollar Listing
  • Peacock Reality
  • Below Deck
  • Chrisley

Peacock TV News Channels List

Along with other material, Peacock Premium Plus enables you to access any NBC distribution in your area. With membership to more than 50 Peacock Networks and an enormous collection of ad-free television programs and movies on demand in India, you can routinely take advantage of live coverage of the news, weather conditions, and NBC programs in your local area at all times. 

  • Today All Day
  • The Choice from MSNBC
  • Sky News
  • CNBC Ka-Ching
  • NBC Boston News
  • NBC Chicago News
  • NBC News Now
  • NBC South Florida News
  • Sky News

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Peacock TV Sports Channels List

Peacock’s connections provide access to live sporting events, including Premier League soccer games, NBC Sunday Night Football, WWE Association shows, and pay-per-view tournaments. The Winter and Summer Olympics matches not covered by NBC are available live-streamed on Peacock.

Sporting news, documentaries, and live tournaments are all available on these networks. The sports networks consist of:

  • Peacock Sports airs live sporting events, including footage of the Olympics and Premier League soccer games.
  • NHL hockey, NFL football, and other sporting events are shown live on NBC Sports.
  • News, commentary, and live programming of golf events are all available on the Golf Network.
  • The Olympic channel broadcasts sporting events and features related to the Olympics.

Peacock TV Crime Documentary Channels List

It’s intriguing to strive to figure out a TV mystery. While actual crime programs are not for all individuals, they may become compulsive once you start watching them. The most excellent location to see real-life crimes is on a live-stream website like Peacock. In the same way as you do, we at Peacock Magazine enjoy investigating real crimes. You have a lot of options because of this. In addition to the 13 series of Dateline episodes, popular shows, blockbuster films, and many more, our platform offers many accurate crime releases.

  • American Greed
  • Dateline 24/7
  • Kiss Me Deadly
  • Snapped
  • True Crime

Peacock TV On-Demand Content

Peacock offers over fifty Peacock TV Premium streams from broadcasters and production companies and more than 20,000 hours of luxury programming. 

  • NBC
  • Bravo
  • USA Network
  • SYFY
  • Oxygen
  • E!
  • CNBC
  • Golf Channel
  • Universal Kids
  • A&E
  • ABC
  • CBS
  • The CW
  • FOX
  • Nickelodeon
  • Showtime
  • Universal Studios
  • DreamWorks

With a Peacock VIP membership, you can access and replay current season series from NBC on-demand whenever you wish. Includes segments from:

  • America’s Got Talent
  • Dateline
  • The Kelly Clarkson Show
  • Saturday Night Live
  • Chicago Med

With a no-cost Peacock affiliation, you can enjoy 7,500 hours of ad-supported material, including entirely novel NBC episodes that are available the next day and a constantly changing selection of classic films and TV dramas. For instance, you can view The Office’s first two seasons free of charge. Every day on Peacock, you can access all your favorite Hallmark films and television programs on Hallmark Drama LIVE, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Hallmark Channel.

Browse Peacock live on television for additional crime platforms, on-demand documentaries, entertainment, and politics to satiate your drive to crack mysteries and raise your pulse rate. You may access some of these channels by signing up for a Peacock TV membership. Peacock Premium or Peacock Premium+ will be available for complimentary seven-day trials for first-time users. The channel has plenty for all ages to watch because its library of shows is so varied and suits practically everyone’s preferences.

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