Saral Portal Haryana Login, Registration, Helpline

India is moving towards digitalization and technical advancement at a fast pace. Almost everything in the country can be done online and you are not required to go to various administrative offices and wait in long queues in order to avail of the services. From private corporations to public sector units, every sector is going online which is quite necessary to keep up with the fast-paced world.

Saral Portal Haryana Login, Registration, Helpline

Even, the State Governments are launching their individual websites for serving the residents of their particular state. One such website is the Saral Portal which was launched by the Government of Haryana. The portal was launched for the increase in the convenience of the residents of the Haryana so that they can easily carry out a few government procedures online which is primarily registration for various certificates.

In this article, we are going to discuss more the Saral Portal, requirements of the Saral Portal, benefits of the Saral Portal, what are the services offered by the Saral Portal, and the contact information of Saral Portal Helpline.

Saral Portal

Saral Portal was launched by the Government of Haryana to provide transparency to the residents of Haryana. It provides them with information regarding the launch of any schemes or services. It helps the citizens to conveniently avail the benefits of the services and schemes launched by the State Government. The portal is launched only for the residents of Haryana. The portal also comes with features like live tracking of the schemes and services launched by the government.

Requirements for Saral Portal

There are not many requirements to have access to the Saral Portal. All you need to have is an electronic device like a PC, smartphone, or tablet with a stable internet connection where you can access any browser like Google or Mozilla Firefox and go to the Saral Portal and use the various benefits offered by it.

The Saral website is a more practical and approachable way of registering or finding out more about the schemes and services launched by the Government of Haryana. If you are a resident of Haryana you must get registered in the Saral website which will make your life easier, just as the name suggests.

Benefits of Saral Portal

The Saral Portal launched by the Government of Haryana comes with multiple benefits. The most important aspect of the portal is Transparency between the Government and its citizens which is quite necessary for a democracy. It also helps the actual beneficiaries of the schemes and services by making sure they are updated regarding the schemes so that they can enjoy the benefit of the respective scheme. The Saral Portal also helps the citizens with online registration under many schemes and services which will be mentioned later in the article.

The best part about the Saral Portal is that the residents do not have to wait in long queues involving bureaucracy and red-tapism which is quite tedious for worker class, so now they can simply access the Saral Portal, anytime they want to and from the comfort of their homes, they simply have to go the official Saral Portal and just within a few steps, they can avail the services offered under the Saral Portal. A check upon the services and schemes can be kept by the Government using the Saral Portal. These were only a few benefits amongst many of the Saral Portal.

KSP Clear Pass

SSP Portal

AG Kerala

Services under the Saral Portal

The Saral Portal provides many services to the residents of the Haryana State. You must be aware of the services to enjoy their benefits. Here is a list of the services offered by the Saral Portal:-

  1. Dealer Point Registration
  2. Ration Card Application
  3. Welfare of SCBC Scheme Registration
  4. Marriage Registration
  5. Social Justice and Empowerment Scheme Registration
  6. Agricultural Schemes Registration
  7. Application for new electric connection
  8. Income Proof Certificate Application
  9. Residence Proof Certificate Application

These are all the services currently being offered under the Saral Portal of Haryana. You can go to the Saral Portal to find out more.

Registration for Saral Portal

To start using the Saral Login portal, first, you are required to register yourself. Follow the given steps for registration:-

• Go to the Saral Portal

Go to the Saral Portal to register under various schemes and services available under the Saral portal and you will be redirected to the Saral Portal homepage.


You can select the option in the Saral website “New User Registration Here” to initiate the registration process.

• Application form

On the next page, the application form will be opened, in which you have to enter your Name, E-mail address, Password, State, and Contact Number. After filling the form, click on Validate. After this, your application will be processed and you can log in to access the services of the Saral portal.

Saral Portal Helpline Number, Contact Number

In case you have any queries related to the usage of the Saral Portal, you can contact the following:-

Contact Number- 01723968400

The number provided is available only on workdays which is Monday to Saturday from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm

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