SBI Gyanodaya E-learning Portal Login and SBI E-learning Benefits

t SBI has created an online portal for its employees. Using this portal, the employees can learn everything about the bank’s services and changes in its portal. The portal is also known as SBI Gyanodaya or E-learning portal.

SBI Gyanodaya E-learning Portal

The portal is free to use for the employees of SBI. People must get learn about all the banking services and changes on the portal. They must also get a due certificate for the same. A certificate is necessary if anyone wants to apply for promotion. They must have at least one certificate which states about the completion of the e-learning course from the portal.

SBI Gyanodaya E-learning Portal

SBI e-learning certificate

All the employees of SBI who apply for the e-learning certificate get the certificate on the following basis:

  • No matter if you are an award staff or Officer Staff, you have to apply online for the certificate.
  • In the first, obtain a user id and password from HR.
  • After this, go to the Gyanodaya portal.
  • Now, login to your account and learn about all the banking services of SBI.

After you have finished the training, an online exam will be there. You have to take this exam and obtain minimum passing marks to get the certificate. Also, know about SBI Net Banking Online Registration and SBI Account Opening Online.

Benefits Of SBI e-learning Portal

By learning from the portal, you get the following benefits:

  • Now and then, SBI is updating its policy along with its frame to serve its customers better. This portal will help the employees learn about all the updates performed in the banking services. It makes sure that the employees well versed with the new policies and the new work-frame model of the bank.
  • SBI has made it mandatory for the bank employees to obtain at least one certificate for promotion. However, there are different certificates needed for various posts, and you must go through the training session to obtain these certificates.

SBI Gyanodaya e-learning portal Login

All the employees of SBI can log in to the Gyanodaya portal. If they are the first time user, then they need to obtain their SBI user id and password by sending a mail to the HR. The HR provide you with all the details related to the SBI Gyanodaya portal. However, if you have the user id and password for the portal, you need to follow these steps to log in:

  • Go to the SBI Gyanodaya portal.
  • Hit the SBI e-learning Login Button. This button opens up a new page.
  • On this new page, you have to enter your user Id and password provided to you by the bank.
  • Hit the Sign In button. Voila, you successfully logged in to the portal.

FAQs On SBI e-learning

Q1. What are the benefits of using the gyanodaya e-learning portal?

A1. SBI Gyanodaya portal teaches the bank employers about the new interface and updated in the bank’s services. The bank is always improving itself, so it changes its policies from time to time. By launching this portal, the bank ensures that all the employees know about all the changes. It would make sure that the bank employees were able to serve the customers more efficiently.

Q2. What do I need to use the SBI Gyanodaya portal?

A2. You must have internet, a computer device, and user Id and password tie access to the portal. You can obtain the user id and password from the HR.


SBI has drafted a new portal for its employees. Using this portal, Employees of SBI can now use this portal to learn about the updated policies of the bank. It ensures that the employees are well informed about all the new changes made by the bank.

After learning from the portal, you have to give an online test. This test is necessary to obtain an e-learning certificate. This E-learning certificate is essential for promotion. For more other details, check timesalert.


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