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A Society is a collection of various people working together for a common social purpose. As said by social purpose, the aim of this Society is not to earn profit but to serve the needy of basic facilities or preserve knowledge or art.

There are many benefits of registering a Society like you do this for a good cause. This means that your name become popular for some good cause. Below are the details about Society Registration in India.

Society Registration

Society Registration in India governed and maintained by the Societies Registration Act. There is a minimum of 7 members in a Society to get registered at a regional level. However, if you wish to register your Society at the national level, then you must have at least promoters or members working from 8 different states in India. Out of these eight promoters, anyone promoter can apply for registration of the Society to the Registrar of their region.

The promoter shall note that when registering Society’s name under the Act, they must provide one probable name and three alternatives to avoid the clash of name with other societies.

Society Registration

When registering the Society, the promoter also needs Rules and Regulations and Memorandum of Association. The memorandum of the Association contains details about the whereabouts of the Society, the name of members, names of promoters.

While the Rules & Regulations document contains the details about how the Society governed, it contains detailed information about the subscription of Society, rules of Society, and more. Also, know about LLP Firm Regsitration and Pvt Ltd Registration details.

Documents Needed For Society Registration

When registering for a Society, you need the following Society Registration documents:

  • Proof of address: All the members of the proposed Society must submit their Proof of residence. They can use an Aadhar Card or a passport as a valid proof of address. Along with this, the Proof of address where the Society gets registered also needed.
  • Memorandum of Association: It contains the details about where the Society is located. It also contains information about the members of the Society to form.
  • A list containing names of all members: A list that has the names of all the members along with their signatures is also required.
  • PAN Card: The promoter registering the Society must have the PAN card of all the members of the Society.
  • Articles of Association: Articles of Association contain information about detailed rules and regulations of how Society functions. Rules containing information about membership, meetings, and more also be there. Once all the rules are decided and framed, the document containing the same must be signed by the president.
  • Covering letter: A Covering letter containing information about the purpose and aim of the Society has to be attached at the front of the application.
  • Self-declaration: This has to be submitted by the president of the Society. He has to state that he is willing to register the said Society and is capable enough to acquire the position.
  • 1st Affidavit containing ownership and NOC for Society
  • 2nd Affidavit containing information about people not being related to each other and information about the name of Society.

How To Do Society Registration

Society formed by a minimum of 7 members. It is not necessary that the members are only Indian citizens. Foreign people, companies can also be a member of a Society. Following is a step by step guide to register a Society:

  • Select a Name: According to the provisions of the Society Registration Act, 1860, a Society cannot have an identical name to any existing or to be formed Society. Hence, maintaining the uniqueness in the Society’s name is a must. Also, the name shall not be of such nature that it infuriates any patronage against the state or central Government.
  • Now the members of Society after finalizing the name of the Society need to design a Memorandum of Association. This contains information about the rules and regulations of the Society along with information about the whereabouts of the Society. This document has to be signed by every member of the Society, Advocate, Chartered Accountant, Notary Public, Gazetted Officer, Oath Commissioner. Memorandum of Association or MoA must also contain all the details about theses member with their name, designations, signature, and address.
  • Now the Society needs to file for registration by keeping the Covering Letter on top. After this, place a copy of the required documents. You can ask the sequence of the documents at the Registrar of Societies office.
  • Please note that you must have two copies of these documents. Take all these and submit it to the office of Registrar of Societies. The Registrar keeps one copy with himself and sends the other for approval. You must also submit the fees for registering your Society.
  • Once your documents are successfully verified, the Registrar provides the Society with an Incorporation Certificate and allots a society registration number on the certificate.

Purposes of a Society Registration Form

A Society serves the following purposes:

  • A Society serves people without any profit. This promotes social welfare.
  • Societies, by promoting social welfare, set an example for other people to come and help those in need.
  • The Society helps those who are in dire need of resources and are not able to gather them.
  • It protects the interests of those who are unprotected.
  • It also protects and promotes Science, Arts, and more.

FAQs On Society Registration

Can a promoter register a Society for profit?

No. A Society can only get registered without any profit. However, the only profit the people can seek for establishing a Society is the social welfare and empowerment of people and the protection of knowledge and art.

Where to Register a Society?

To register a Society, you have to visit the office of Registrar of Societies.

How many members shall be there to form a Society?

To form a Society, a minimum of 7 members required if you wish to register the Society at a regional level. If you want to register Society at the national level, you must have eight members at least from different states.


Societies play an important role in the social development and preservation of knowledge and art. It empowers those who are weak. Society Registration protects knowledge, art, and acts as a helping hand in socially developing the nation.

The members of the Society can register their Society and attain a legal status to run it. They can follow the above-mentioned steps and register the Society. For more details, check Timesalert.

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