Viswas State Life Insurance (SLI), Group Insurance Scheme (GIS) Policy Status Benefits

Viswas State Life Insurance (SLI) is a state life insurance policy in Kerala. The insurance policy system has authorised by Government of Kerala. Through this insurance, people get several benefits in their life. For getting these benefits from life insurance, they have to apply for this insurance.

The government recently announced regarding the adding of premium details and adaptation of Government employees, who are the members of SLI and GIS in Viswas Insurance portal as a part of digitalisation. So, here we will discuss the Viswas State Life Insurance (SLI) and about the Group Insurance Scheme (GIS), benefits of the schemes, and other information regarding this topic.

Viswas State Life Insurance (SLI)

Life insurance is a deal between an insurance policyholder and an insurer. In this policy, the insurer pays the beneficiary amount upon the death of the insurer. According to the contract, the policyholder will pay the premium money to their family. The life policies are legal contracts for the insurer. All the life insurance policies have some terms and conditions for their insurer.

The insurer has to follow the conditions after applying for the scheme. In India, some insurance policies are present state wise. Only the people from the respective state are eligible for the individual insurance policies. When they satisfy the terms and conditions of the policies, they are eligible to apply for SLI.

Viswas State Life Insurance
Viswas State Life Insurance

State Life Insurance (SLI) Policy Benefits

In Kerala state, the Viswas State Life Insurance (SLI) is a very famous life insurance policy for the people. The life insurance policy is Government authorised, so it is safe for the people. The candidate can apply for the policy without having any second thought. The Kerala Life Insurance Department is having both General Insurance Business and Life Insurance Business.

 In 2016, the Government revised the rate of subscription under the GIS and SLI premium. Those employees, who do not have the sufficient premium they can bound to take additional SLI policy. The employees who have more than 50 years old, they are not allowed for SLI policy. Through this Viswas State Life Insurance (SLI), the people from Kerala state are taking so many benefits. Let’s discuss the Viswas State Life Insurance Policy (SLI).

Kerala State Life Insurance Viswas

The Kerala State Life Insurance Policy is only for the citizen of Kerala. They can apply for this insurance and taking the advantages of this insurance policy. The Viswas State Life Insurance policy is only for the government employees of Kerala. Only those employees can apply for the policies, who have their permanent official appointment letter under the Kerala Government.

The membership of the Viswas State Life Insurance Scheme shall be optional for those employees, who had started their service on 1st September 1984. The employees, who had ceased subscription for the Family Benefit Scheme, they should get the enrolled as the member of the scheme. Those employees, who had entered in the plan on September they have to enrol immediately on the next year September

Insurance Name Viswas State Life Insurance
State Kerala
Applicable Only for Government employees
Authorised  Government of Kerala
Official Website Click Here

Group Insurance Scheme (GIS) Policy Benefits

The Group Insurance Scheme is very beneficiary for the insurer. The insurance scheme is essential for health/ medical insurance plan, which covers all the members in the particular group. The people are having lots of advantages of Group Insurance scheme. Let’s discuss some benefits of the Group Insurance Scheme (GIS).

  1. One of the most significant advantages is cost saving. Through insurance, an insurer can afford insurance for themselves and their family.
  2. The policy offers Health Insurance because of Tax incentives.
  3. Because of the Insurance policy, the employee will feel happy, and the work environment will become positive. So, the employees will work adequately and happily for the company.
  4. The insurance policy gives a low-cost premium because of the more significant risk pool.

Kerala State Life Insurance Scheme Eligibility

The Government of Kerala has introduced an Insurance scheme for the Govt. employees of Kerala. Through this insurance policy, the employees get lots of benefits for their families and themselves also. The Insurance Department of Kerala has set some eligibility conditions for those candidates, who want to apply for the Viswas State Life Insurance.

  1. The candidate must have to hold their Government appointment letter under the Govt. of Kerala.
  2. The employees, who are above 50 years old, they are not eligible for the Viswas State Life Insurance scheme.
  3. The candidate has to submit their age proof documents which will be authorised by the head of the office/ institute.

Documents For Viswas State Life Insurance

The employees have to submit some certain documents along with the insurance paper. Without the documents, the insurance will not claim for the insurer. The documents are;

  1. Appointment Certificate of the employees under the Govt.
  2. Age proof Document
  3. Bank account Details
  4. Resident Certificate
  5. Pass post size photocopy

Viswas State Life Insurance (SLI) Premium

An insurer has to pay the premium which has fixed by the Government of Kerala. The Govt. changes the premium amount from time to time.

Pay Range Monthly Premium
Basic pay up to Rs. 9189/- 150
Pay from Rs. 9190 – Rs. 18739/- 230
Pay from Rs. 18740 – Rs. 29179/- 380
Basic Pay Rs. 29180/- or above  450

Viswas State Life Insurance Rules

The insurer has to follow some rules and regulations for the Viswas State Life Insurance. Through this insurance, the insurer has the insurance benefits for themselves and their families. After sanctioning the insurance, the insurer will get the insurance amount. Here we have shared the number of details about the Viswas State Life Insurance.

  1. The insurer will get the loan up to Rs. 10,000/- from the State Life Insurance policy.
  2. Through the state Life Branch and the Group Insurance Branch, an insurer will get the loan amount up to Rs. 50,000/-.
  3. For settle all the claims under Motor Insurance, the employees will get up to Rs. 5,000/-.
  4. Under the Fire Branch, to settle the claims, the insurer will receive up to Rs. 10,000/-.

Viswas State Life Insurance @

The Kerala Government has announced a notification regarding adding the details of premium and some updates on 28th July 2017. The updates are for the Govt. employees who are the member of SLI and GIS in Viswas Insurance portal as a part of digitalisation. As per the rule, the instructions have given for update the passbook and collect the same from the DDO.

So, it is a big responsibility for the DDO to add the policy details and premium to be paid by the insurer in Viswas Portal. Each of the government employees has their GIS account for claim the Viswas State Life Insurance. If any employee has two GIS accounts, then the second one can be cancelled by the Insurance Department. In-State Life Insurance Policy, each Government employees, can have more than one policy. For more information about the Viswas State Life Insurance policy, we can check the official website.

For more details about Viswas State Life Insurance Click Here

Who can apply for State Life Insurance?

The Kerala State Employees’ Group Insurance Policy has intended to provide for the State Government employees. At a low cost and on a contributory and self-financing the primary benefits of the insurance helps their nominees.

  1. All the state Government employees are eligible for this insurance policy.
  2. The employees borne on work charged establishment on time scales of pay.
  3. The full-time teaching and non-teaching staffs will provide private schools and colleges under the payment scheme.
  4. The person in casual employment is not eligible.
  5. The person who has retired from the service are also not eligible.

How to Apply for Viswas State Life Insurance?

Through the Kerala State Insurance Department website, the government employees can apply for the Viswas State Life Insurance scheme. First, the employee has to satisfy all the eligibility condition for taking the advantages of the Insurance. For starting the procedure, the insurer has to register their name. After the registration is complete, the employee will get the Username and password. Through this, they can log in on the website and apply for the Viswas State Life Insurance and also can check their insurance status.

Login in Kerala State Insurance Department

To login Kerala SLI, follow the steps.

  • Go to the website
  • Enter the Username and Password
  • Enter the Captcha Code
  • Click on Sign in

How To check State Life Insurance policy (SLI) With Policy Number?

The Government employees can check their State Life Insurance (SLI) with policy number through the official website. We are sharing the procedure to check the policy number. Follow the process stepwise and check the State Life Insurance (SLI).

  • Open the official website of Kerala State Insurance Department
  • Choose the GIS 12 digit number conversion option
  • Click on Enter
  • Read the Instructions and click on Agree
  • Enter the PEN Number and Date of Birth
  • Click on Submit

Viswas State Life Insurance Contact Details

  1. Viswas State Life Insurance Email Id – [email protected]
  2. Viswas State Life Insurance phone NumberClick Here

About Viswas State Life Insurance

Viswas State Life Insurance is for which state?

The Viswas State Life Insurance has launched by the Government of Kerala for help the Government employees of Kerala. This insurance policy is only for the resident of Kerala.

The employee, after retirement, can apply for this State Life Insurance?

No, after retirement, the Government employees of Kerala are not eligible for the State Life Insurance. Below the age of 50 years, the candidate can apply for this insurance.

How can the employee check their SLI with policy number?

The insurer can check their status of the SLI with the policy number through the Kerala State Insurance Department official website.

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