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WBIFMS is an integrated online service for managing financial services. It operates online transfer and management of funds. Earlier, the funds used to transfer by the offline management system. In these offline systems, the funds had to go through many stages before finally going to the employees. It made the system highly complicated and tedious to work. Also, it required a vast army of workers to finish the job in the deadline. Sometimes, the payslips have given to the employees, and sometimes, the payslip couldn’t reach the employees because of hassle.

WBIFMS Payslip

Seeing this problem, the Government of West Bengal introduced an online service named WBIFMS Payslip for managing transactions online. To reduce the hard work and expenditure, the government introduced WBIFMS or West Bengal Institute of Financial Management. This platform helps manage, monitor, and disburse the funds online.


About WBIFMS Portal

WBIFMS is a portal launched by the Government of West Bengal.  It helps the state Government to keep track of its online transactions made. Whenever any transaction made, the system software records its details. It ensures transparency in the whole system.

Also, the transactions were done with ease since everything is online. The ifms salary pay slip also generated at regular intervals. And the employees can download wb ifms payslip. It also helps the employees to avoid standing in long queues.

WBIFMS Pay Slip Benefits

The government employees of the state of the West Bengal can now download WB IFMS payslips online and avail of the following benefits:

  • Ease: Now, the Government employees can get their payslips with ease. The payslips are now online and are available in the same format. It means that employees can now get their ifms salary pay slip whenever they want and wherever they need. They can download it by sitting at their homes. Also, read about Ekosh Payslip and SSB Payslip details.

Employees can now avoid standing in lines to get the payslip.

  • Secure: The monthly Payslips of WBIFMS employees can be accessed only by the employees. It is because their accounts protected with a unique wbifms login id and password. This avoids the fraudsters from getting any relevant information like GPF Number.
  • All payslips together: The government employees can access their payslips of as old months they want. It is because all the payslips get stored on cloud storage and can be accessed whenever needed.

WBIFMS Payslip

WBIFMS Registration

The government employees can now create their account on the WBIFMS Portal by using their employee number, mobile number, your payslip for relevant details. Make sure that you have access to this mobile number while you are creating a new account. To create a new WBIFMS Account, follow these steps:

  • To begin with, Registration, go to the official portal of WBIFMS or click here.
  • Now, below the e-services for Employees, click on Sign up for Registration.
  • Now enter the asked details.
  • Enter the CAPTCHA code as well.
  • Once you enter your mobile number and submit it, you will get an OTP on the same number. Enter that OTP to finish the registration process.
  • Click on Create my Account. Once you click, you are done with the WBIFMS registration process. Now you can log in to your account.

Benefits of IFMS Registration

Upon Registration on the WBIFMS portal, the government employees can avail of the following benefits:

  • The government employees can apply for leave like CL, EL.
  • Government employees can download their payslip whenever they want.
  • Check their current GPF statement.
  • The employees can track the number of leaves they have taken and the leaves they can take in the future.

How To Login WBIFMS

The government employees need to register on the WBIFMS platform to log in or download their monthly payslip. Follow the below steps mentioned above to register on the portal:


  • To login on the WBIFMS portal, click here or visit the portal and navigate to the Sign In option under e-Services.
  • Enter the user ID and password. The user ID is your employee code, and password will be sent to you on your mobile number during the time of Registration
  • In case you forgot your employee code you can click here and retrieve it.
  • After entering all the details, submit them, and you can check your dashboard.

Download WBIFMS Payslip

After logging in to the portal, the employees can download their monthly payslips:

  • Login into the portal.
  • View your payslip and download it to view it offline on the device.
  • To view the WB IFMS Salary payslip on the device, be sure to download and install a pdf viewer on the device.
  • You can also print out the payslip for the future.

WB IFMS HelpLine Number

If you have any queries while you are logging into the system, you can contact the helpline number:

WBIFMS Customer Care Number: 9038003413/ 14 / 15/ 16 /17


Government employees of West Bengal can now download their monthly payslips using the WBIFMS portal. They can also check their GOF status, their leaves and their employee dashboard. The portal launched to help the government employees with the disbursement of funds and tracking all the WB IFMS Payslip transactions. For more details check, Timesalert.

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