FASTag – Electronic Toll Collection System Benefits, Login, Advantages, Recharge

FASTag an electronic toll-fee collection system is used for a reloadable tag which enables automatic deduction of toll charges. Using this, the citizens can pass the toll plaza without stopping for money transaction. Tag is nothing but a prepaid account, where the appropriate toll amount deducted. People can purchase this tag from official tag issuers or their respective banks. After the FASt-Tag linked with the prepaid account, you can recharge it as your requirements. To increase the awareness about FASTag, here we are sharing the details through this article.

FASTag – Electronic Toll Collection

While travelling on the National Highways, you will see several toll plazas. There are a few counters where this fastag system currently being used. It makes the people pass through the toll without stopping the car. The FASt-Tag is rechargeable, and it helps the users to go without stopping at the tolls. This system uses the RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification), which fixed on the vehicle’s windscreen. Through this RFID, Tag deducts the amount from the prepaid account. So, the vehicle doesn’t need to stop on the toll-gate and do the money cash transactions.


The system of FASTag was started in 2014 by the Government of India. Through this system, people don’t need cash to pay the toll fee. It’s a cashless transaction for all the people while travelling on Highway. Also, through this Tag, people can avoid the toll fee pay lines. So, they can save some time on their journey. For taking the advantages of this tag, people have to first login for this. After having the tag, they can easily take FASTag advantages.

How does FASTag work in India?

FASTag is a perfect solution for an inconvenience-free trip on national highways. Now in more than 180 toll plazas, this Fast-Tag is operating across India. In the future, more toll plazas will come under this Tag program. People can take advantages of this project easily. On 4th November 2014, first, this project was implemented in Delhi and Mumbai. Then after one year in 2015, it also applied in Chennai and Bangalore. Year by year, this Tag project has implemented in our Nation.

According to the survey, in April 2016, India has more than 247 FASTag toll plazas, which is representing a total of 70% of toll plazas. In 2017, the Indian government made the FAST-Tag mandatory for all new vehicles. And now in 19th October 2019, the government has released new notification. According to this notification, the Tag is mandatory for all and non- FASTag users will pay double toll-fee.

Details About FASTag

Project Name FASTag
Announced By Government of India
Published Date 4th November 2014
Login Process Online
Project Motto Cashless toll-fee
Contact Details 1800-419-8585
FASTag Charges Rs. 99.12/-

FASTag Benefits

The FAST Tag scheme has many benefits for people while travelling on national highways. Here we have shared some benefits of this project. Such as;

  1. No need to carry cash for toll-fee.
  2. Need not stop at the Toll plazas for payment.
  3. A customer can quickly recharge their tags through credit/debit/net banking.
  4. People can get SMS for all toll transactions. Also get the notification if FASTag has a low balance, etc.
  5. For customers, the Government has launched the web portal.

Documents Required for FASTag Registration  

For FASTag Login, people must require some legal documents. Without submitting these documents, they can’t take the FASTag card.

  1. RC (Registration Certificate) of the vehicles
  2. One passport size picture of the Vehicle owner
  3. KYC documents
  4. Any government ID proof like, Aadhaar card, voter ID, PAN Card, Driving License, etc.

FASTag Registration Rules & Regulations

Applying for the FASTag card, people have to follow some rules and restrictions. All providers have their rules, which have to follow by their customers. Some rules are;

  1. A customer must be an Indian citizen.
  2. The candidate should have their bank account on their respective banks.
  3. Must have Indian Government ID proof.
  4. And lastly, the customer must be the owner of the vehicle.

How can we get FASTag?

People can buy and activate the Tag at any one of the points of sale (POS). Might be this includes either the toll-plazas or any agency. People can download the FASTag application form and submit it on its official website. After activating the card, they have to recharge it for their use.

How To Do FASTag Recharge Online?

People can recharge their tag either by cheque or by online transactions such as debit/credit card, net banking, etc. A customer can recharge FASTag anywhere by spending only Rs. 100/- to Rs. 1 lakh. Every issuing agency has its way to recharge. So, the customers can recharger their Tag by an instruction, which has given by their agency.

How To Recharge FASTag with Google Pay

According to the NPCI rules, all banks are licensed to provide Fast-Tag service. Also, the customer has an option to recharge their tag through UPI. The mobile apps are allowing users to transfer money through UPI. Nowadays, Google Pay is a top-rated mobile app for transactions. So, customer can recharge their FASTag through Google pay. So here, we are sharing the recharge steps for customers so that they can recharge their Fastag card.

  • Download the Google pay app in your device
  • Add your bank account
  • Add the UPI
  • First transfer Rs.1/- to the FASTag through your UPI. This is a test transfer for you.
  • After completing the transaction, you will get a confirmation message. That means transaction through Google pay is working correctly.
  • Now we can recharge your FASTag card through Google pay.

Recharge FAST-Tag through Paytm

From the 1st December 2019, all toll payment will be made through  FASTag only. So, from now, people can also buy the tag price through Paytm. Here we have given the instructions through where you can recharge your FASTag.

  • Download the Paytm App
  • With your user name and password Login the app
  • Go to the Tag Issuance Fee & Charges section
  • Choose your vehicle type
  • Click on Buy Now
  • Scan the QR Code and recharge your FASTag

FASTag Users in Toll-Plazas

After having the Tag, the customer has to fix it in the front windscreen of the vehicle. So, that when the vehicle has passed through a FAST-Tag toll booth, the RFID automatically deducts toll charges. The amount will get charged after the vehicle has passed under the booth. So, the customer has to keep a sufficient amount in the tag card. In case of low balance, the customer will get the notification through SMS.

How To Check FASTag Balance?

Time to time a customer has to recharge the Tag. If the balance is low in the tag, you can’t pay the toll-free and might have faced the fine. So, to help the customers, the government has issued the online portal. Through that, the customer can check their FASTag balance. Also, the customer will get the SMS alerts after deduction of money from the card. Thus they can also be aware of their Tag amounts.

FASTag Login process

For activating the tag, a customer must follow the below instructions. So, they can activate their tag and take the advantages of the Tag.

  • Go to the official portal
  • Complete the registration process
  • After completing the registration, you will get user ID and Password
  • With the help of Login ID and Password, Login FASTag
  • Choose Payment and Top-up option
  • Click on Recharge
  • Select the Wallet ID
  • Click on Make Payment

Reset FASTag Username and Password

A customer can change their Fast-Tag user name and password for safety purpose. You can change this information through the online website or by calling the customer support team. If you want to change it through online, then go to your profile and click on edit. And then change the details according to you. Else, you can contact with your respective bank or agency and tell them to improve your user name and password.

How can we block the FASTag?

A customer can easily block the Fast-Tag by contact with their customer support team. You have to make a call to your respective agencies or customer care and tell to block your Fast-Tag account. And they will be blocking your account immediately.

What to do after losing the Fast-Tag?

If a customer lost their Fast-Tag card, then first they have to block the old card through the agency. And then create a new tag account in the website and transfer the old card balance to the new one.

Is there any discount on Fast-Tag?

Yes. A customer can get a discount through the Fast-Tag card. By using this card, the customer will get 10% on toll-payment. Within a week or month, the discount amount credited back to their FasTag account.

FASTag Local or Monthly Pass

Also, the system is providing the FASTag local or monthly pass facility. The facility is for some specific toll plazas. Through this monthly pass, a customer doesn’t need to recharge for a month. For further details about this pass, we can contact the customer care or issuer agencies.

What are the Fast-Tag charges?

The fast-tag onetime fee is Rs. 200/-. But the refundable security deposit depends upon the vehicle type.

Vehicle Type Wheels   Tag Deposit
Car/Jeep/ Van, etc. 4 Rs. 200/-
Mini Bus 5 Rs. 300/-
Bus 3-axle 6 Rs. 400/-
Truck 3-axle 6 Rs.500/-
Bus/Truck 2-axle 7 Rs. 400/-
Tractors 12 Rs. 500/-
Truck 7 & Above 15 Rs. 500/-
Construction Machinery 16 Rs. 500/-

What is the validity of Fast-Tag card?

A Fast-Tag card is valid for only five years from the issuing date. The customer has to recharge the card through online or offline banking. If the card doesn’t keep the sufficient amount, then you can’t use this.

FASTag Service Providers

People can get their FASTag card through different banks. All banks have their terms and conditions for this tag. If your tag balance is showing low, then through your bank link you can recharge it. In India, several banks are giving this FASTag facility. Thus, people can quickly get their cards. For getting this Fastag card, people have to apply for it through online by paying the fee. Here we gave the FASTag service providers name, links and numbers for the customers. Thus they can directly apply for it.

Service Provider’s List

Bank Name   Link   Contact Number
ICICI Bank Click Here 18602100104
Axis Bank Click Here 1800-103-5577
IDFC Bank Click Here 1800-266-9970
SBI Bank Click Here 1800-110-018
Equitas Small Finance Bank Click Here 1800-419-1996
HDFC Bank Click Here 1800-120-1243
Syndicate Bank Click Here 1800-425-0585
Paytm Payments Bank Click Here 1800-102-6480
Karur Vysya Bank Click Here 1800-102-1916
Punjab National Bank Click Here 0806-729-5310

FASTag App

The Government of India recently launched a Fastag system where we can pay our toll fees online and without stopping at the toll plazas. It is simply an electronic toll system where the toll transactions are done automatically. This method is easy and takes less time to pay your toll fees at national highways. We can recharge our Fastag through online or offline. Using the bank accounts we can easily recharge the tag and use them at tolls.

To make it simpler a new Fastag app has been launched. So the users can download it from the play store and use the tag efficiently whenever required. Recharging the tag using Fastag app is simpler and below are the steps to download and use the app.

How to Download Fastag App 

  • Firstly, the user has to open the play store and download Fastag App.
  • After completion of the download just install it and open the app on your device.
  • Then click on link IHMCL Fastag with your bank account.

Fastag App

  • When you click on it, the user is asked to enter the reference ID which is mailed or sent as SMS to your registered mobile Id.
  • Now you can recharge the tag using any UPI payments or through any bank accounts which support the Fastag payments.

Fastag Recharge

  • By using these UPI transactions for tag the payments are done smoothly and faster.

Fastag Online Recharge

So the customers who have this tag can easily recharge through Fastag app.

How to submit a complaint related to FASTag Transaction?

Here we have given the steps, through the customer can submit their complaint on the website. Follow the below instructions and file your FASTag Transaction complaint.

  • Open the official website
  • Complete the login process with your user name and ID
  • Click on Service Request
  • Select your request
  • And click on Submit
  • Also, you can make contact with the FAST-Tag customer support team and directly share your complaint

FASTag Contact Number

A customer can directly make contact with FASTag customer care. Here we gave the contact number. So use the number if you have any problem with this system.

  1. FASTag Phone Number: 1800-419-8585

FAQs about FAST-Tag Services

Is FASTag card mandatory for all Vehicles?

Yes. Now for all vehicle tag is mandatory. Without the tag, the customer has to pay the double amount of Toll-fee.

Can one Fast-Tag use for two vehicles?

No. People have to make two tags for each vehicle.

What is the FastTag fee?

To have the Fast-Tag card, the customer has to pay Rs. 100/-. It is for the FastTag application form.

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