How to add WhatsApp to the Galaxy Watch – Step by step Guide

How to add WhatsApp to the Samsung Galaxy Watch

What would be smarter than a smartwatch? They are smart inside and fashionable outside. It is a cool gadget. A smartwatch on your wrist can be your assistant. It is more intelligent than a watch because it has many additional features similar to the phone you use every day, whereas a regular watch can only show you the time, some of which are date and day. So, you don’t need to become sad if you do not have a mobile until and unless you have a smartwatch. 

What can a Galaxy smartwatch do?

It can display notifications and supports different apps available on the phone. Includes GPS to track your location. It has an option to pair up with your phone and listen to music, alarm clock, etc. It is used as a fitness tracker to count your heartbeat, pulse rate, water and fat content in your body, etc. The major companies that launched good-featured smartwatches are Apple, Samsung, etc. 

 Samsung company developed many smart devices used by millions of people all over the world. One of the best examples is a phone and a smartwatch. The smartwatch series started on 9th August 2010 and came into the US market on 24th August 2018 and then to other countries. Shortly after that, it released the new versions of the Galaxy smartwatches like the Galaxy watch active two and 3. Today, the latest version of the Galaxy smartwatches are the Galaxy watch five and 5 Pro. The memory space(RAM, ROM), CPU speed, and resolution are updated according to the latest versions.

How to add WhatsApp to the Galaxy Watch

Features of the Galaxy smartwatches are

  • Onboard workout tracking with support monitors ECG, sleep, stress levels, blood pressure, and much more.
  • Connecting options like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and LTE.
  • Availability of pedometer.
  • A lot of accessibility features compared to other smartwatch companies.
  • Screenshot option and theatre mode.
  • Several sizes, colors, and styles are available.
  • Body composition measurements like body fat, BMI, water content, weight, etc.

In today’s generation, most people use WhatsApp for messaging and chatting more than a traditional messaging app. Although the Samsung Galaxy watch traditionally has an option to message, installing WhatsApp is what most people want. But none of the smartwatch companies provide the WhatsApp app in their app stores. Even the android wear OS and the Apple watches still do not have the WhatsApp app officially. But you can get some instant messaging action on the Galaxy smartwatch.

You can see the notifications on the screen and respond to them either with default or written messages. So one thing must be clear there is no specific WhatsApp app. But we can receive the notifications, so we must enable the notification display. The notifications automatically get cleared after replying, but you can also earn them without giving a reply.

Steps to view WhatsApp notifications on the Galaxy watch:

  1.  Install the Galaxy Watch app on your phone and open it.
  2.  Go to settings and the notifications options.
  3. Make sure that the notifications are turned on. If not, tap on the slider icon to turn on the notifications.
  4. Click on the manage notifications options from the dropdown menu.
  5. The watch displays all the apps with a slider icon beside them.
  6.  Find the WhatsApp icon and turn on the notifications using the slider button.

How to Respond Whatsapp notifications

The notifications are previewed on the home screen when they are received. You can reply to them through the voice message option or the text typing option using G-board. You can also send emojis.

The latest version of Galaxy watches has a Kodi keyboard, whereas the older versions have a t9 style keyboard. The latest version of the Galaxy Watch uses predictive text to guess the word you type. But to receive the WhatsApp notifications on the Galaxy Watch, make sure that the mobile has WhatsApp already installed. You can also receive notifications by pairing your phone to the Galaxy Watch.

Hopefully, you have understood how to add WhatsApp to the Galaxy Smart Watch. It is better to buy Galaxy Smart Watch rather than buy an Apple watch. Though Apple watches have many features compared to Samsung Galaxy Smartwatches, they are very costly. You can buy the Samsung Smartwatch at a lower rate with similar features. Smartwatches now become health identifiers. So you need to have a Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch for sure.

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