jiofi.local.html Jiofi Login, Password Change, Reset, Balance Check

jiofi.local.html has introduced by the Reliance Digital, which is a portable broadband device. It is a router login URL which has developed for the Jiofi. A portable Wifi hotspot device, which provides internet via Jio SIM. In the Jiofi device, there is a power-on button and LED indicators for Wifi, battery, WPS and Internet. The device is a wireless device used for all types of internet. The device offers many data plans for its customers. Through this wireless device, people can access the internet on their device through the Wifi. More details about the jiofi.local.html jiofi Login described in this article.

jiofi.local.html Jiofi Login

In the present, so many works are done by the Internet. Sometimes the internet has awful connective power, which troubles people. So, to overcome this problem, the Reliance Digital introduced a wireless portable broadband device called Jiofi. Through this device, the user can easily connect their device with the hotspot of the and can access the internet.

The jiofi.local.html jiofi Login offers tons of advantages to their customer. It has different data plans. People can recharge Jio plans according to their choice. To access this wireless device, the customer has to login in it. After completing the login process, they can access this Jiofi device.

Jiofi - jiofi.local.html

Jiofi Device And Benefits

jiofi.local.html jiofi is a wireless broadband device. People can connect with it through the hotspot and Wifi. The user can use it for multiple purposes. The device only works if the user inserts a Jio SIM in it. After adding the SIM, the device will provide Jio’s 4G high-speed internet connection.

The device is tiny in size, and the user can carry it in their pockets. The device acts as an intermediate between the 4G and the local Wifi network. The user can use this Jiofi in so many ways. Through this article, we will cover all the information, which has related to the jiofi.local.html jiofi Login.

jiofi.local.html jiofi Details

Check the below box, for more details about the Jiofi device.

Name Jiofi
Dimension 85.0*55.0*16.0mm
Support Voice calls and Video calls
Battery Capacity 2300Mah
Support SD card Up to 32 GB
Support 31 parallel devices
Access 2G, 3G, and 4G devices
Battery Backup 6 Hours

Uses of Jiofi

The user can use the Jiofi Dongle in many ways. It has a wide range of benefits with the Jiofi Login. People can use this dongle for multiple purposes, which have given below.

  1. User can make HD video calls, Unlimited Free Phone Calls Using JioFi  Wireless Device.
  2. At a time, multiple devices can connect with the Jiofi.
  3. The jiofi.local.html jiofi provides high-speed 4G internet in every time.
  4. The user can easily carry the device because it is very sleek and lightweight.
  5. After fully charged, the battery of the Jiofi device can last a maximum of 6 hours.
  6. Through the device, users can access the internet at any time anywhere.

How To Configure Jiofi Via jiofi.local.html

Configuring the Jiofi password is very easy for the user if we compare with the other model. The user can log in by the Jio dongle router official website by using the different IP address. Follow the given procedure for configuring the Jio password by Jiofi login.

  • Go to the official website
  • Log in with your username and password
  • Now the user will directly go to the dashboard, after complete the verification
  • Go to the setting and click on Wifi configuration
  • Hit on the password option to change the password
  • Hit on User management to Change JioFi Router SSID Username Password using jiofi.local.html

How To Change Jiofi Password?

Through the jiofi.local.html URL, the user can change the Jiofi Login password and username. To change, the password, follow the steps.

  • Go to the Google browser
  • Put the jiofi.local.html link
  • Click on Login
  • Enter the username and password
  • Hit on Login Button
  • From page display, choose Wifi
  • Go to the security key section and change the password
  • To set the Jiofi username change the SSID Number
  • Click on the apply button to set the new password
  • Click on Ok to restart the Wifi module
  • Return to the Login page and again login with the new username and password.

Update Jiofi Firmware For latest Version

If the user wants to update the Jiofi Firmware for an upgrade to the most recent version, they can do it through the jiofi.local.html Jiofi Login.

  • Open the Jiofi firmware website
  • Go to the setting option and select Firmware Upgrade
  • Inside the Device Software Version, the installed version of firmware is present
  • Click on Software Upgrade
  • Select the latest version and install it

Enable the MAC address On Jiofi-jiofi.local.html Router

People can enable the Mac address in Jiofi router if they want. To allow the mac address, they have to follow the given steps.

  • Go to the browser and enter jiofi.local.html
  • Then Login with the Jiofi Login username and password
  • Go to the menu bar, select the setting option
  • Select the Network Tab and enable the address
  • Hit on Allow for agreeing on the Mac address filter mode
  • For add, the new Mac address hit on Add button
  • Change the address and click on Save

How can I Check Jiofi Battery Percentage in Jiofi.local.html

The charge percentage decreases when the user continuously uses the Jiofi device. So, they have to charge this electronic device. To check the battery status of the device, you need to follow the given instructions.

  • Open the jiofi.local.html URL
  • Complete the Login process
  • Go to the Jiofi setting and select the Wifi tab
  • Check the Wifi security it must set to AES
  • By clicking on it, the user can check the percentage of the battery

How To Change Broadcasting SSID @ jiofi.local.html?

SSID is the username, which has used by the user. Sometimes it is difficult to remember the username. So, the user changes the username, which is easy to remember. For a change, the SSID, follow the instructions.

  • On the Jiofi device and connect with any other device by using the username and password
  • After joining, open the browser and put the IP address
  • Click on Jiofi Login
  • Enter the username and password and complete the login process
  • Go to the setting and select network tab
  • Choose Wifi configuration
  • Edit the SSID name and put the new name
  • Click on Save button
  • Now a Pop-up message will display, click on Ok

How can the User Access Storage Slot in Jiofi?

To access the storage slot, the user has to follow the given instructions.

  1. Insert a microSD card in the device
  2. Enable the Storage account and then create the Jiofi Login username and password
  3. Now the user will able to access the files, which are available in the SD card by using the Jiofi hotspot
  4. Put the Link in the browser- https://jiofi.local.html/sdcard.html
  5. Hit on Wifi disk and again put the username and password

Make Voice and Video calls Using Jiofi

Through the jiofi.local.html jiofi Login, the user can make the voice and video calls through their device. The Jiofi is a broadband device, which provides the internet to connect through their hotspot. The user connects the hotspot through their Wifi connection and can enjoy the internet.

If the user connects the Jiofi hotspot in their mobile phone or pc, they can make calls through the device. It offers many data plans to users. Depending on the plans, the user can make calls for national and international. The user can make the HD video calls and voice calls by the help of Jio 4G voice application. To make calls through the Jiofi, follow the given steps.

  • Connect the Jiofi with your device
  • Open the Jio 4G voice app and accept all the permission to access the app
  • The user can find the Jiojoin configure option by using the Jio SIM number, which is present in the Homepage
  • Enter the register Jio Mobile Number
  • The application will auto-connect with the network
  • The user will get the OTP
  • When the user completes the configuration to Jiojoin App, now they make video and voice calls

Reset the Jiofi – jiofi.local.html Router

Sometimes the Jiofi setting is lost so that the local connection endangered. The user can’t restore the default settings, but they can reset the Jio router. If you face any problems like this, then follow the given steps to solve the problem.

  • Open the router’s back panel
  • Click on Jiofi Router Reset
  • Press the button for 30 seconds
  • After this process, the light of the Jio dongle will start blinking, which means the Jiofi router reset is on
  • Go to the browser and enter jiodongle.local.html
  • After opening the link, you can see the same configuration will display on the PC

How To Increase jiofi.local.html jiofi Internet speed

The internet speed depends on various factors like the strength and signal of the network. Sometimes the user experiences the low internet speed. Some tricks are there to Increase Jiofi Internet Speed, which can increase the speed of the internet. Before increase the speed rate, the user has to focus on some points.

Important Points:

  1. The user needs to use the data limitedly. If the user surpassed the limit of daily usage, the speed of the internet would decrease to 128kpbs.
  2. The user has to check the signal intensity status. If the dongle shows the green colour, that means it has a full network.
  3. And if the dongle shows the red colour, which means it has an inferior network connection.
  4. The user has to make sure; the device will connect with the Jiofi within the range of 10 meters radius.
  5. At a time, the Jiofi can’t connect with more than ten devices.

Increase Internet speed

  • Place the Jiofi Router in an open place. So, that it can be connecting with the central network tower easily.
  • First, check the DNS is changed to open DNS or not. If not, then set the Google DNS.
  • Check the Wifi connection, whether there are some other connections.

About jiofi.local.html – Jiofi 

What is Jiofi and how it works for Users?

The device is a portable Wifi hotspot, which provides internet to our other devices via the Jio SIM. Through the device, the user can connect with the internet and can also access it on their mobile phones and pc.

Does the Jiofi need a SIM for a connection?

Yes, it comes with the Jio SIM. After activation, the user can use the SIM to make the connection with the Jiofi with the devices.

What is the WPS in Jiofi?

WPS stands for Wifi Protected Setup, which is a security key. The new users can only connect with the Jiofi when they turn on the WPS button.

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