Import Export License Registration in India – Apply Online, Fee, Documents List

One of the very essentials required to be able to trade good legally is what is commonly known as an export license. An export license is essentially what is formally known as an Import Export License. It allows for a dealer to bring in goods that are concerned with the business as well as send over goods relating to business to various countries.

Import Export License Registration

An import-export license allows for the business dealer to trade good effectively without any problems or hassles in his/her way. This licence is necessary to carry out trade over borders and failure to get the licence before carrying out any form of trade will result in strict legal action to be taken against you. With the help of this license, the trade carried out with ease and convenience.

After obtaining the import-export license certificate, one comes in possession of a certain IEC (Import Export Code) which is a ten-digit number that allows any legal authorities to note down and cross-check all the information required which pertains to the trader.

IEC Online

Technically, one applies to the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) for this code. After verification of documents and the completion of the required procedure, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) grants the dealer with the system that c used to carry out international trade freely without any trouble.

Before you directly apply for your import-export license number, take note of the procedure mentioned below and make sure that you have gone through it thoroughly before you begin your application procedure.

Documents Needed For Import Export License Number

To obtain the import-export license, you need a list of documents that the legal authorities go through and verify. These documents required are essential as they show the legality and the motive of your business. Furthermore, they also allow the legal authorities to get an idea about the background of your business so that they can consider everything before granting you an import-export license. Make sure to have all the following required documents before applying.

  1. Proprietorship

Your proprietorship is the basic information that you provide the legal authorities with so that they can cross-check the fundamentals and move on to the other documents. Your proprietorship consists of:

  1. a) Your photograph (size 3*3)
  2. b) A photocopy of your pan card
  3. c) A proof of your identity which can be your Aadhar card, Passport, Voter ID or your Driving Licence)
  4. d) A proof of your residence to confirm where you reside which can be A sale deed if the place is owned by you or a rental agreement/ lease if you are living on rent along with an electricity bill or your telephone bill
  5. e) A Bank certificate or a cancelled check that has the name of the applicant on it with the proper bank a/c number

Import Export License Documents List

  1. Partnership

A partnership is the form of business wherein you manage the business along with your partner, and everyone holds an equal position as the partner in the business. If your firm is a partnership, you have to provide the partner’s details in addition to yours.

  1. a) A photograph of the managing partner (size 3*3)
  2. b) A PAN card photocopy of the partnership firm
  3. c) The proof of identity of the managing partner whose signature should be on the application form as well. It could include Voter Id, PAN card, Aadhar Card, Passport or Driving License.
  4. d) A proof of your residence to confirm where you reside which can be A sale deed if the place is owned by you or a rental agreement/ lease if you are living on rent along with an electricity bill or your telephone bill
  5. e) A Bank certificate or a cancelled check that has the name of the applicant on it with the proper bank a/c number

Import Export License Registration

Import Export License In India

  1. Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) and Company (Both Private Ltd. And Public Ltd.)

In these types of partnerships, some or all the partners of the company have limited liabilities and can exhibit certain elements of a corporation. If you have a Limited Liability Partnership and company which can be both, either public or private. These are the documents you need to have with you to apply.

  1.  A photograph of the director who will be the signing the IEC form (size 3*3)
  2.  A PAN card photocopy of the applicant LLP or the company
  3.  A proof of the identity of the director who will be signing the IEC application. It could include A Passport, An Aadhar card, A Voters id or a driving license
  4.  A proof of the residence of the director who plans to sign on the IEC form, which is a sale deed. Also, if the place owned by you or a rental agreement/ lease or if you living on rent along with an electricity bill or your telephone bill
  5.  A Bank certificate or a cancelled check that has the name of the applicant on it with the proper bank a/c number
  6.  A certificate of incorporation

Import Export License Certificate online

One crucial requirement for the procedure of the import-export licence is the bank certificate. This certificate is only needed if the party cannot provide the legal authorities with a cancelled cheque at the time of the application along with their respective name and the details of their account number.

While this is a problem, it does not prove to be a major one as there is the provision for one to then go tho their respective bank, obtain the said certificate which the bank will assist you with. You must then download and print out this certificate which you bring down to the bank so that they can stamp on the hardcopy of the certificate.

How To Submit Import Export License Application Form

To submit the online IEC application form, you must first have all the documents required digitized. These documents once scanned uploaded onto your computer, and this helps you to upload them in the official website. Putting your documents up online makes it much more comfortable as dealing with hard copies can be much more problematic and having the softcopies of the documents online, makes your process considerably faster.

Online IEC Application Form

  • You must first open your browser from either you laptop, pc or phone and go to the official website.
  • Once you have entered the DGFT portal, you asked to enter your PAN number into the box given below. Entering the PAN number makes it possible for you to access your form. After entering the name, you can either create a new IEC application or go to an existing one that you had drafted previously.
  • After doing this, you should go to the main page of the IEC document. Here, you have to put in a lot of details into the boxes like your address, proof of residence, bank a/c, PAN details etc. At the end of this, you requested to make the payment of rupees 250 for your application. This transfer can be done electronically only and is compulsory for you to move to the next step. Also, read about LLP Firm Registration and Private Limited Company Registration here.

Steps to Fill IEC Application Form

  • Now, you redirected to a screen that asks for your documents to upload. As you have digitized all the documents that required for this procedure, you can proceed with checking each document thoroughly and then upload it in the specific box where they supposed to enter. Each document required is quintessential for your IEC application form.
  • Once completed, you should go through the entirety of your form just once. So that you can make sure that everything you put together is in place and there were no problems. You also get to download your IEC application form to print. Then send it to DGFT office that is in charge of your location.
  • After that click on submit, you get a new screen confirming your submission number which also has a certain Ecom. Ref number along with your company name. Please make sure that you meticulously take note of this number. If something goes wrong tomorrow and you need to inquire with the legal authorities, you will be able to show your Ecom. Ref number so that the officials can find your exact form in their database and can address your concerns in the right manner.

Get Import-Export License Number Online

Once you get the documents ready, fill out all the forms. Then upload all the required softcopies of the papers you notified through the final screen. Then put all the requested papers into the process.

The processing period for your Import-Export Licence is not a typically exhausting procedure. And often it does not take a long time. It should complete within two to three working days. But even in the scenarios where this does not seem in the case, you should expect to receive you import-export licence along with your ten-digit code from the DGFT in no more than one week. For other details, check timesalert.

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