Bigg Boss Tamil Vote Online Voting Season 4  | Nominated Contestants Missed Call Number | Elimination List

Bigg Boss is one of the top-rated reality show in all languages on television. It has gained the people attention and is running successfully every year. Big Boss Tamil is the most popular show and stared in 2017, and it always has an increased number of viewers. The Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 launch date has been announced officially by the Vijay Television in social media platform.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 of this year will start and will host by Ulaganayagan Kamal Haasan.  As per the game format we need to vote our favourite contestant so that they will be safe from the eviction. We can find the complete details on Bigg Boss Tamil Online Voting and also missed call numbers.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote

It is the season 4 of Bigg Boss Tamil, and the followers are waiting to watch the show eagerly. Like the previous season, the show hosted by Kamal Haasan and promo of the Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 has hit the YouTube with all new concepts and game plan. According to the promo, the idea is like the show will allow participants to know more about themselves with the game. The game is simple. We need to play the task and win them to get the perks. There will be tasks for captaincy and the budget task by which we can get the provisional’s for the survival of the week. Bigg Boss Telugu Vote.

"Bigg Boss Tamil 3 Fathima Babu

Fathima Babu is the first contestant who entered Bibb Boss house Tamil season 4 in 2024. She is an actress who is seen in many films. Fathima not only an actress but also a newsreader in Doordarshan in the Tamil language. Recently she also entered into politics. Apart from movies, she also saw in some famous Television serials, which gave her a great response from the viewers. Now people who are following Bigg boss Tamil can vote her if you like her performance from Bigg Boss 4 Vote.

Sakshi Agarwal

sakshi agarwal

Sakshi Agarwal who is primarily a model and later became an actress and seen in Tamil and Malayalam movies. She is the second one to enter the Bigg Boss house with high energy. Sakshi born in Uttarakhand and moved later to Chennai in her childhood. She did a Bachelor of Information Technology from Anna University, and she goes gold model. Sakshi saw in commercial slots where she received great fame. So one who likes her performance in the house can vote her through Bigg Boss 4 Vote.


Losliya Bigg Boss

Losliya is a foreign contestant who entered into Bigg boss house. She is from Srilanka, and where she works as a news presenter. In Bigg boss Tamil she is entertaining herself and others. She has a massive following on social media to her performance in the house. So those who wish to vote Losliya can vote and encourage her through Bigg Boss Tamil Vote 3.



Madhumitha who is famously known as Jangiri Madhumitha. She is called so because of the role she played in a movie. She is an actress and a comedian who did many films in Kollywood. Not only in the movie she also acted in some Tv serials which gave her fame in the industry. She was born in Chennai and did nearly 50 films in total. Now Jangiri Madhumitha is participating in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. So people who like can vote her via Bigg Boss Vote Tamil 3.

Kavin Raj

Kavin Raj

Kavin Raj is a Tv actor and later seen in movies. He is from Trichy who discontinued his studies and joined acting school. He came into cine field via Vijay Tv. At first, he played a role named Vettaiyan in a popular Tv series where he got a lot of fame. Now in Bigg boss Tamil 3, he is performing well and mingling with everyone. He is the house. He is liked by Abhirami Venkatachalam who had a crush on him from many days. People who want to vote Kavin Raj can do so by Bigg Boss 4 Vote.

Abhirami Venkatachalam

Abhirami Venkatachalam

Abhirami Venkatachalam is an actress and a Bharatanatyam dancer. She also did some short films which gave her away to cinemas. She is now participating in Bigg boss. After entering the house, she felt happy by seeing Kavin Raj who has a crush on him. Abhirami is more passionate and loved to be a model. So she chose this media career and moving on with the opportunities. So on seeing her performance, one can vote her through the voting process or by Missed call numbers.



Saravanan a popular actor seen in the 1990s. He has done many films which had a big hit in the box office. He is from Salem and had two marriages because of children. In the middle of his career, he took a long gap of 5 years and again started with a new look and in unique appearance in unique and supporting roles. In Bigg boss Tamil 4 he is also one of the contestants, So to vote Saravanan, you can give missed call number and help him from nominations.

Vanitha Vijayakumar

Vanitha Vijay Kumar

Vanitha Vijayakumar is the daughter of great actor Vanitha Vijaykumar and actress Manjula. She has four sisters and one brother. She got married twice, and now she is left alone by getting divorced. Vanitha has three children, where two are daughters and one son. She also acted in few films in both Tamil and Telugu. In Bigg Boss, Tamil 4 Vanitha Vijaykumar is the first captain of the house. So she is free from the nominations in the first week. So in further weeks to free her from nominations one can vote Vanitha Vijaykumar and help her.


Bigg Boss 3 Tamil Cheran

Cheran is a Tamil director who won National Award four times. He belongs to Madurai, Tamilnadu. He worked for many famous movies entitled Vetri Kodi Kattu and Pandavar Bhoomi. Cheran also saw as an actor in a few films like Autograph and Maranda Kadhai. He now saw in Bigg Boss Tamil reality show as a participant. So people who love his performance and behaviour in the house can vote him online.

Sherin Shringar

Sherin Shringar

Sherin Shringar who is a model and actress at an early age. She appeared in both Tamil and Kannada movies. Sherin is from Bangalore who mainly focuses on modeling rather than studies. She is one of the inmates of Bigg boss house of Tamil. So on seeing her performance, one can vote Sherin Shringar and free her from nominations.

Mohan Vaidya

Mohan Vaithya

Mohan Vaidya is a singer and musician. He is from Tamil Nadu who has recently started a music school. Mohan is from a music family. He had one son, and he recently lost her wife. Mohan participated in many reality shows and also a dance master and an actor seen in few films. In 2024 he joined in a big reality Tamil show Bigg Boss. On seeing his presentation and liking him vote him and make him free from every week nominations through Bigg Bos Tamil 4 Vote.

Tharshan Thyagaraja


Tharshan Thiyagarajah is also a foreign contestant from Srilanka. He is an actor and a model who worked for many commercial advertisements. He started his career as a software engineer, and after five years he moved to model and later seen on the screen. Now in 2019, he participating in Bigg Boss Tamil 3. So to vote him you can give a missed call to his respective assigned number.



Sandy original name is Santosh Kumar. He is one of the famous dance Choreographer who worked for many films. He raised and settled in Chennai. Sandy also saw as an anchor for a few dance shows. He divorced his wife and married his girlfriend and now being happy with them. He has one daughter, who is one year old. The audience who are watching Bigg boss can vote Sandy through Bigg Boss 4 Missed call numbers.

Mugen Rao

Mugen Rao

Mugen Rao, also a foreign contestant in the Bigg boss house. He is from Kuala Lumper Malaysia. He is a singer, actor and even a social media influencer who has millions of following. Mugen Rao seen in few films, and also he is famous for his music albums. The audience can vote Mugen Rao for his performance and behavior in the Bigg Boss house season 4 Tamil.

Reshma Pasupuleti

Reshma Pasupuleti

Reshma Pasupuleti an actress and a model seen in both Tv series and movies. She is born and raised in the United States Of America. She noticed in a tv serial named Rani Vani where Radhika played a lead role. Later she is seen on the big screen. Reshma has first started her career as an air hostess and later became an actress. So people who like her performance can vote her through Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Vote.

Meera Mithun

Meera Mithun

Meera Mithun is the last contestant who entered the house through the wild card. She is a beauty pageant who won Miss South India. She is also giving her best in the house. So to vote Meera Mithun one can do through missed call numbers or by Bigg Boss Tamil Vote.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Timings And Host Name

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 has been airing on Vijay Tv from 23rd June 2019. That is this third season Bigg Boss Tamil has completed 45 days. There are 17 contestants during the start of the game, and now a total of 11 contestants living in the house. Remaining six contestants have eliminated in each week. Still, the contestants have to stay for 60 days to win the Bigg Boss Title. This show is telecasted daily night at 9:00 Pm on Vijay Television. On weekends it is telecasted at 9:30 PM.

A great popular actor, kamal Hassan, hosts Bigg Boss Tamil Season 3. He also hosted the show last year which gave a considerable success. The host Kamal Hassan on every weekend interact with housemates and discuss what is going on in the house. People who wish to vote your favorite contestants and save them from elimination can vote them through the methods discussed above.

Bigg Boss Tamil 2 Winner & Contestant Names

Bigg Boss is the show which held in all the languages from many years. In Telugu and Tamil, this show started in the last two years. That is this year Bigg Boss is conducting Season 3. Now here we discuss the Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 winner and Runner Up of the show. We here also include the contestants who have stayed in Bigg boss House in Season 2.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 winner is the Tamil Actress Riythvika who received a Bigg Boss Trophy and cash of Rs 50 Lakhs. The runner up of season 2 Bigg Boss Tamil is Aishwarya Dutta. The contestants who participated in the Bigg Boss Tamil 2 are

  1. Yashika Aannand
  2. Ponnambalam
  3. Mahat Raghavendra
  4. Daniel Annie Pope
  5. Vaishnavi Prasad
  6. Janani Iyer
  7. Ananth Vaidyanathan
  8. Ramya NSK
  9. Sendrayan
  10. Riythvika
  11. Mumtaz
  12. Thadi Balaji
  13. Mamathi Chari
  14. Nithya
  15. Shariq Hassan Khan
  16. Aishwarya Dutta
  17. Vijayalakshmi Feroz

These all 17 contestants are the participants of Bigg Boss Tamil 2. The show gave a big hit on Vijay Tv, and they entertained all the audience with their performance.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Winner & Contestant Names

Bigg Boss Tamil has completed two seasons in the last two years, and presently it is running the third season. All these seasons of Bigg Boss Tamil are hosted on Vijay Television daily. Also, the three seasons hosted by Kamal Hassan who gave his best has a host and entertainer. The Bigg boss house Tamil constructed in Chennai at EVP theme park. In Tamil, they gave a name to each season as a theme name. For Bigg Boss 1 they named theme name as “electricity”, for Bigg Boss Tamil Season 2 they named as “Gear” and Bigg Boss Tamil 3 they named it as ” Chettinad”.

The Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 winner name is Aarav, and he received a cash prize of Rs 1 crore. The runner up of season 1 Tamil is Snehan. Also, the contestants who got to final is Harish Kalyan, Ganesh Venkataraman, and Bindu Madhavi. We also listed all the contestants of Bigg Boss Tamil 1 here.

  1. Sri
  2. Anuya Bhagvath
  3. Vaiyapuri
  4. Gayathri Raghuram
  5. Bharani
  6. Raiza Wilson
  7. Snehan
  8. Oviya
  9. Harathi Ganesh
  10. Arav Nafeez
  11. Ganja Karuppu
  12. Maria Juliana
  13. Ganesh Venkatraman
  14. Shakthi Vasudevan
  15. Namitha
  16. Bindhu Madhavi
  17. Suja Varunee
  18. Harish Kalyan
  19. Kaajal pasupathi

All those are the 19 contestants who entered the Bigg boss house directly and also through wild card entry. They are the first participants who have seen in the Bigg Boss house and experienced a different lifestyle in the house. Entertainment wise they gave the best to the tele audience and also received a tremendous response.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Voting 2024 Rules And Regulations

Bigg Boss is a great reality show followed by Big Brother show in Hollywood. This show was first developed and introduced by a media company named Endemol. They completed many seasons and gave a great success. Now they have started this great show in India with the name Endemol India. Now this year has already started season 4 with 17 contestants. People can watch this show daily, which telecasted on Vijay Tv. Also, one can vote to their favourite contestants in the house and save them from elimination and stay them in the house till the end. Here we included some of the Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Voting rules and regulations.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Voting done in few methods, and those are in detailed discussed in the above sections. So people who want to vote the contestant in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 can vote through Online, or by giving a missed call to the number allotted to each customer and also through Hotstar Application. The method of voting is straightforward through Hotstar, and that mentioned in this article above. So look it and vote to your favourite contestant and save them from eviction.

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