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Pradhan Mantri Bharatiya Janaushadhi PariYojana: The Government renamed the Jan Aushadi Yojana in 2015. Now, Jan Aushadhi Yojana known as Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana. It is an initiative by the Government of India to provide essential medicines at cheaper and affordable rates to all the consumers.

The primary focus of the PM Jan Aushadhi Yojana Kendra is on the disadvantaged people of India. Under this Jan Aushadhi Yojana, all the poor people provided with the right quality medicines at lower and affordable prices. They can visit any Jan Aushadhi medical store and purchase the Jan aushadhi Kendra medicine list they want at comparatively cheaper rates.

Jan Aushadhi Yojana

Again in 2016, the scheme was renamed. This time it named Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadi Pariyojana. The scheme launched under the supervision of the Department of Pharmaceuticals of India. The medicines provided under the Janaushadi Pariyojana are of the equivalent efficacy and quality as the expensive medicines available in the market.

Pradhan Mantri Bharatiya JanAushadhi PariYojana

But, because poor people cannot afford such expensive medicines, the yojana launched to give them relief. The Janaushadi medical stores opened in various parts of the country to provide affordable medicines to all.

Aim Of JanAushadhi Kendra

The Pradhan Mantri Jan Aushadhi Yojana has several checkpoints in its way which it has to reach to progress further. These points are essential for the progression of the Jan Aushadhi Yojana 2024. Some of the aims of yojana mentioned below –

  • The PM Bhartiya Janaushadi Pariyojana focuses on creating awareness among the people of India regarding the usage of generic drugs.
  • The public only understands the importance of generic medicines when medical practitioners recommend generic drugs. Therefore, the Pradhan Mantri Janaushadi Pariyojana also focuses on making the medical practitioners aware of the usage of generic drugs.
  • Also, to make people understand that the high price of medicine does not guarantee its excellent quality. Generally, people believe that expensive medicines are even better in condition and more productive, which is not always true.
  • The Pradhan Mantri Bharatiya Janaushadhi PariYojana aims to provide all the generic medicines commonly used by the people. Medicines from every therapeutic group covered under the scheme.
  • Along with all the generic medicines, the PMBJP Scheme – Jan Aushadhi also provides various other healthcare products which are essential.

Pradhan Mantri Janaushadhi Yojana Medicine List

The generic medicines provided under the Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadi Pariyojana procured from renowned healthcare organizations. To maintain the excellent quality of generic medicines. The manufacturers like WHO good manufacturing practice, current good manufacturing practice, and CPSUs supply their medical products. These medical products received at the Kendras assigned for PM Bhartiya Janaushadi yojana.

The medicine’s each bag tested after they received it at the Kendras. The testing agency is the Bureau of Pharma PSUs of India (BPPI). It appointed by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Limited (NABL). The precautionary steps ensure the quality of the received medicines.

The medicines only distributed further after they get certified from the assigned laboratories. Once the certificate obtained, the excellent quality of medicines ensured, and then they spread. The medicines sent to JAKs, distributors, and C&F agents.

PMBJP Scheme – Jan Aushadhi Benefits

The Indian Government launched Pradhan Mantri Jan aushadi Pariyojana with a vision in mind. It is to reduce the cost of all the expensive medicines available in the market for usage. Costly medicines are not affordable for everyone in India. Therefore, Bhartiya Janaushadi yojana provides good quality medicines and healthcare products at affordable prices. Besides this, a few more schemes developed by Pradhan Mantri, like

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jan aushadhi application form online

Tenets of the PM Bhartiya Janaushadi Scheme

The Bhartiya Jan aushadi Pariyojana has several features that ensure that the primary purpose of the scheme served. The features of Janaushadi yojana given below –

  • The first feature of the yojana is to provide good quality generic medicines to everyone.
  • The PMBJP Scheme – Jan Aushadhi cuts the extra expenses by the public to get good quality generic medicines. It results in reducing the per-person cost of treatment. The treatment cost reduced effectively by the scheme.
  • It ensures the quality and efficacy of the cheap generic medicines maintained well. The quality of the generic medicines tested by various laboratories and also certified. Once the generic medicines and the healthcare products approved, then only they provided to the public.

Pradhan Mantri Bharatiya Janaushadhi PariYojana

  • People made aware of the effectiveness and good quality of generic medicines through advertisements and education. Mainly to spread awareness that expensive medicine need not be effective in treating ailments.
  • The PMBJP Scheme – Jan Aushadhi constitutes of various organizations. These organizations are private sectors, PSUs, Societies, NGOs, Cooperative bodies, and various other institutions. These organizations participate in the implementation of the Jan aushadi yojana. They ensure that the availability of affordable generic medicines met. Also, they make sure that people get good quality medicines at cheaper rates.
  • There are numerous Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadi Pariyojana Kendras to provide generic medicines. It ensures that generic medicines are easily accessible by the people. The Kendras are present in different parts of the country.
  • Good quality treatments made accessible at cheaper rates to the people under the PM Janaushadi Pariyojana. It ensures the availability of generic medicines of excellent quality at affordable prices. It is significantly beneficial for people who face financial problems and are unable to afford expensive medicines. Also, people who have chronic ailments can not provide costly medicines for the long term. Therefore, the Government introduced this Bhartiya Janaushadi Scheme.

Pradhan Mantri Janaushadi Yojana Advantages

The Janaushadi Pari yojana has initiated with keeping a lot of things in mind. Therefore, there are numerous benefits to Pariyojana. It is a common belief by the people that the expensive medicines are more effective. It is not always true. The generic medicines provided at much cheaper rates are of equal quality as the expensive medicines. Some of the benefits of Pradhan Mantri Jan aushadi yojana mentioned below –

  • The most significant aspect of the Janaushadi Scheme is to people aware of the usage of generic medicines.
  • It also promotes the cost-effectiveness of generic medicines.
  • People understand that cheaper medicines are also of good quality and are efficient in treatment.
  • Along with the public, the yojana also focuses on making the medical practitioners aware of the usage of generic medicines.
  • Under the scheme, the cheap unbranded generic medicines provided to the people.
  • The generic medicines provided at cheaper rates because most of the people in India can not afford expensive medicines. Also, people suffering from chronic ailments find it very difficult to afford the costly medicines for long term.

Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadi Pariyojana Registration

The registration process for Pradhan Mantri Jan aushadi yojana was based on

  • Location of the Pariyojana Kendras
  • Mode of conduction

Based on location

  • Within the premises of Government hospital – government agencies and state government
  • Outside of the government hospitals – Non- governmental Organisations, Self-help groups, charitable hospitals or institutions, trusts, societies, and private hospitals.
  • Individual entrepreneurs

The registration process is different for different locations. So the applicant needs to visit the official website of the Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadi Pariyojana scheme to know the essential guidelines for registration.

Based on the mode of conduction

The Jan Aushadi Scheme registration made through online or offline mode. In both ways of registration, the applicant has to fill their details in the registration form. The difference is only in the submission of the registration form. Through offline mode, the applicant has to mail the form. That is to the official address of the Bureau of Pharma Public Sector Undertaking of India. In the case of the online application, the applicant can directly submit the form.

How To Apply PM Jan Aushadi Yojana Application Form 2024

The application form is readily available on the official website. The applicant needs to visit the site and choose the class of location from amongst the categories. Then has to fill in the required fields of the form and submit it. The details mentioned in the Pradhan Mantri Bharatiya Janaushadhi PariYojana application form are –

  • Name of the applicant
  • Address of the applicant
  • Status of the applicant
  • Contact details
  • Pan details
  • Aadhaar card number
  • e-mail id etc

Then they have to submit all these details online or offline. If online directly after filling the PM Bharatiya Jan Aushadi Scheme application form, click on the submit button. If you fill the form offline, then you have to post it to the respective address.

Implementation Of PMBJP Scheme – Jan Aushadhi

The first Janaushadi Kendra opened on 25th November 2008. It supported by various CPSUs like BPC, IDPL, HAL. The scheme progressed gradually, and more Janaushadi Kendras established. Till February 2009, there were more than 50 Janaushadi Kendras in different parts of the country. Now, they further increased in number. More Jan aushadi Kendras medicine list ensures more accessibility and more affordability.

The honorable finance minister of India discussed the Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadi Pariyojana in the budget for the financial year 2016- 2017. They talked about making easy availability of generic medicines at affordable prices. Also, they ensured that around 3000 Janaushadi Kendras opened until the financial year 2017.


Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadi Pariyojana is a visionary step for the welfare of the people of India. The PM Jan aushadi yojana launched with a vision in mind. It is to reduce the cost of all the expensive medicines available in the market for usage.

There provision of good quality generic medicines and other healthcare products were available at affordable and cheaper rates. Various stores set up in different parts of the country to provide generic medicines under this scheme. It also changes the belief that only expensive medicines are good for treatment. For other yojanas, check Timesalert.

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